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What do the World's Great Poker Players Know...
That You Don't?


Poker Wizard Extracts

To be one of the best in the world

Instincts, a sixth sense and a unique feel for the game separates the world's very best players from the rest of the pack. I believe anybody can be a winning poker player if they are willing to make the effort. You certainly don't have to be anything near the greatest player in the world to make money playing poker. However to succeed at the top level, to be in the top 20 or 30 on the World Poker Tour for example you have to be like a professional athlete and have natural ability. In addition to knowing the correct odds and basic probabilities involved in poker you have to have an uncanny feel for the game that helps you sense when your opponent is weak and you can take the pot away from him. That's the difference between the great players and the average players


Mike Sexton

The Ambassador of Poker


Often called "The Ambassador of Poker," Mike Sexton is probably the most visible personality on the poker scene. Well known to many as the public face of Party Poker, he has achieved even broader fame as the co-host of the internationally televised World Poker Tour. With Vince Van Patten as his partner, Mike delivers insightful blow-by-blow coverage of the final six players battling for the first place prize pool of over $1 Million at each WPT stop around the world. Although he doesn't see the competitors' hole cards as they're actually playing at the WPT final table, Mike sees them during the editing and recording sessions at the studio where the "television" hands are chosen and narrated. This exclusive behind-the-scenes view and his depth of playing experience give Mike a special look at the hidden secrets to winning a big tournament in today's competitive environment, and bring his unique insight into the strategies of the top players to life in his commentary.

Career Tournament Earnings Exceeding $3,400,000
Winner, World Series of Poker Stud 8-or-Better, 1989
Winner, No-Limit Hold’em World Poker Finals, Foxwoods Casino, 1992
Winner, No-Limit Hold’em Queens Summer Classic Championship, 1996
Winner, No-Limit Hold’em Queens Summer Classic Championship, 1997
Winner, European Hold’em Championship, European Finals of Poker, Paris, 2000
Winner, €5,000 Heads-up Championship, Paris, 2003
Winner, Speed Poker Invitational event, Crown Casino, Australia, 2005
Winner, No-Limit Hold’em Tournament of Champions, Las Vegas, 2006
More than 43 In-the-Money Finishes at the World Series of Poker

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